A Dutch Approach
Definition, merits and future opportunities
 Jubilee Series: ‘Between the Railway Tracks’

H + N + S Landscape Architects will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year by hosting three informative and entertaining seminars exploring the ‘Dutch Approach’ to landscape architecture. This approach, which is characteristic for the work of H+N+S, has become distinctive for its large-scale designs and the importance of creating conditions conducive to landscape development, rather than simply designing blueprints. The ‘Dutch Approach’ casts the landscape architect as both a designer and a researcher, who integrates different themes and mediates between various stakeholders.

On three Friday afternoons in September and October, a panel of experts will reflect on the merits and opportunities of the ‘Dutch Approach’. To further substantiate the discussion, an essay by Noël van Dooren about the ‘Dutch Approach’ will be distributed and explored at the first session. These reflections will then serve as a stimulus for a group debate and discussion on questions such as: Is the ‘Dutch Approach’ a typical Dutch phenomenon? What are the defining characteristics of this approach? Can the ‘Dutch approach’ retain its potential in a changing work field and society? And, what future opportunities can the ‘Dutch Approach’ offer?

‘A Dutch Approach, background and content’
Dirk Sijmons, H+N+S Landscape Architects/Technical University Delft
Marinke Steenhuis, SteenhuisMeurs, (urban) transformation and spatial development
Christophe Girot, Professor Chair of Landscape Architecture, ETH Zurich, Atelier Girot
Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water affairs
‘A Dutch Approach in a changing work field’
Joachim Declerck, Architecture Workroom Brussels
Wouter Vanstiphout, Professor Design as Politics Technical University Delft, Crimson
Jens Jorritsma, Delva Landscape Architects / Urbanism


‘A Dutch Approach, Future agenda’
Paul Gerretsen, Agent Association Delta Metropole
Lisa Diedrich, Professor Landscape Architecture, Agricultural University Alnarp, Sweden
Thierry Kandjee, TAKTYK (landscape+urbanism), Brussels/Paris
Gunther Vogt, Vogt Landscape Architects, Zurich
Moderator: Eric Luiten, Government Advisor on Landscape and Water
Location: Train Warehouse next to the H+N+S office at the Wagenwerkplaats, Soesterweg 300 Amersfoort
Time: 15:30 – 18:30, refreshments provided afterwards. Language: English
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