First editon: Landscapes international Landscape Cafe; Energy Landscapes
You are kindly invited to the first International Landscape-Café on Friday April 7th in The Hague. For adress see below.
12 may 2017 starter 19.00
Koningsweg 135A | Utrecht


The theme of this first edition is Energy and Landscape. Especially the role of the Landscape Architect in the energy transition and its influence on landscape will be highlighted.


In an increasing globalising world the Dutch Organisation of Garden and Landscape Architecture considers it useful to bring together Landscape Architects from different countries in an informal setting to exchange and discuss workexperiences in various fields of Landscape Architecture. What can we learn from each other, waht can be learned from different ways of looking at a problem?


The café is for every Landscape Architect who is interested in the role of the Landscape Architect in various projects around the world. Especially for those who just graduated and those with only a few years of workexperince it can be very interesting to meet colleagues from other countries and hear about their workexperience. We think about a maximum of 20-30 participants.


Each café will concentrate on a certain theme, related to Landscape Architecture. A few speakers will be asked to tell about their experiences, which can be done in various ways: with words, images, a film, etc.  No long lectures, but short challenging presentations. Key-words for the cafe are informal, personal, surprising, creative, community building, networks. And everyone is participant.

For this first café we’ve choosen for Energy, in all aspects  (water, wind, sun, energy flows), being one of the most pressing  issues at the moment.


For each café we try to find venues which express the central theme of the evening, with a pleasant, informal atmosphere.

Toegang is gratis, consumpties voor eigen rekening.
Opgave uiterlijk 10 mei 2017 via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. 
Download hier de flyer.