Esther Kruit (1967) has been director of BuroKruit Landschapsarchitectuur in Oss since 2002. She studied landscape architecture at Wageningen University and specialised in Urban Design at TU Delft. She has previously worked at B+B, the City of Rotterdam, West 8 and Gillespies (UK).
As board member and chair of the Professional Development Committee, Esther is responsible for the development and dissemination of knowledge, improving professional competences and promoting contacts between professionals. Esther explains:
'I think it is important that the Association is there for its members. We are not only an advocate for the profession, but also a group of enthusiastic and passionate people. The passion for our work is what binds us and makes us strong. We must share and communicate that passion. Maintaining your professional competences and your network is essential for good working practice. We provide the platform for landscape architects to meet and inspire each other'.

Esther has been a board member since 2009.