Every student graduating in landscape architecture after 31 December 2014 who wants to register as a garden and landscape architect in the Netherlands must complete a period of professional experience. This professional experience period lasts for two years and prepares graduates for the proper exercise of their profession. During this period, graduates obtain experience in professional practice under the supervision of qualified and experienced designers (mentors). After two years they can register with the Architects Registry Office.

More information about the professional experience period can be found on the website of the Architects Register and on the Professional Experience website 



Individuals who have obtained a recognised academic degree are also obligated to complete a two-year professional traineeship in order to be eligible for registration in the Architects’ Register.


The objective of the professional traineeship is to obtain practical experience in the profession for which a study has been successfully completed and for which registration in the Architects’ Register is intended. There are two ways to carry out the professional traineeship: the independent route and the integrated programme.


Professionals holding a foreign degree who are not eligible for automatic recognition are also required to complete the professional traineeship. In some situations (for example on the basis of an already completed comparable professional traineeship abroad) a (partial) exception request may be granted.

If you qualify for automatic recognition, no professional traineeship is needed. However, mixed qualifications can be a problem.