> Promotional brochures

The NVTL produces brochures and leaflets on specific topics in landscape architecture to promote the profession in the Netherlands and abroad.

The following brochures can be obtained from the secretariat:

  • Every garden design is unique (2012) Information leaflet for private individuals (free).
  • Gezond Ontwerp, betekenis van tuin- en landschapsarchitectuur in de zorg (annual theme 2009), € 5 excl. postage
  • Aan de wandel met de NVTL… door het landschap van de overheid (annual theme 2005), € 5 excl. postage
  • Tuin & Landschap, theme issue Tuinen bij zorgcentra (December 2009), € 5 excl. postage
  • Tuin & Landschap, theme issue Boerenerven (November 2011), € 5 excl. postage
  • De Nieuwe Regeling/Rechtsverhouding opdrachtgever – architect, ingenieur, adviseur (2011)
  • De Nieuwe Regeling/Model Basisopdracht en toelichting op rechtsverhouding (2011) 
  • De Nieuwe Regeling/STB toelichting en takenoverzicht (2009) 

> Annual Reports

Each year the Board of the NVTL publishes an annual report on the policies pursued and activities undertaken during the previous year. The annual report can be  requested at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.